Top 6 Best Meat Cleaver for Cutting Bone

Many people are unaware of how beneficial some kitchen items may be. For example, the best meat cleaver for cutting bone is an absolute must if you do a lot of chopping or portioning your own meat. In addition, you should purchase bulk cuts of meat and reduce your personal steaks from them.

There’s a huge type of meat slicing knife in our market, like the carving knife, boning knife, and lots of different types. So you recognize now no longer they all are good.

Processing your meat quicker, simpler, and safer will need the use of the proper equipment. There are several different types of knives on the market, and determining which one is ideal for you may be difficult if you don’t understand what they all entail.

In this article, I’ve provided a lot of good information as well as a full assessment of the best meat cleaver for cutting bone. This article will help you pick the finest meat cleaver for you.

Can All Meat Cleavers Cut Bone?

Absolutely no. There are different types of cleaver. All of the meat cleavers are not perfect to cut bone. There are a variety of meat cleavers on the market. So not every meat cleaver is suitable for chopping the bones. The best meat cleaver for cutting bone is specifically designed for cutting bones and huge pieces of meat.

In the bellow, we will give you the idea of the best meat cleaver. Then, we review the product and determine which five meat cleavers are ideal for trimming bone.

Our Best Meat Cleaver For Cutting Bone

Finding the greatest kitchen cleaver is literally impossible. So first, we spent a lot of time looking for the greatest meat cleavers. Then I found the five best meat cleaver that is budget-friendly and more efficient.

1. Utopia Kitchen Meat Cleaver Knife

If you’re looking for a low-cost solution, consider this one from Utopia. It’s enormous and commanding, yet it’s less expensive than some other possibilities. In addition, it is strong enough to cut through bone quickly, reducing the amount of prep time required.

Utopia Kitchen Meat Cleaver Knife

It constructs entirely of stainless steel. This 7-inch chopper encompasses a long handle to grant you a decent grip and management, whereas you’re cleaving. 

It has a 3 mm thick blade with a sharp edge, ensuring your safe and efficient cutting method. Cleaning the cleaver should be as simple as putting it in the dishwasher. The blade is protected from corrosion and rust by stainless steel.

This alternative receives good marks for strength, durability, value, and comfort across the board. It’s also simple to use and maintain. So we can say it is one of the best meat cleaver for cutting bone.


  • 7 -inch cleaver
  • It is durable
  • Blade materials are stainless steel
  • Good grip

  • Cleaver size is 7 -inch
  • High-quality stainless steel
  • Budget-friendly
  • Heavy-duty build
  • The handle is designed for easy grip
  • Sharpening may require on a regular basis

 2. Dalstrong Obliterated Meat Cleaver

It is another one of the best meat cleaver for cutting bone. It has exceptional craftsmanship and is made with cutting-edge technology—this quality stainless steel for a priceless appearance. The model had just been released.

Dalstrong Obliterated Meat Cleaver

7cr17mov Steel is heat-treated to 60HRC and has razor-sharp edges. It’s a true workhorse cleaver that can slash through almost any item, including bone. This cleaver has a sheath and a stand. The cleaver is roughly 3 pounds in weight. This design has received several accolades. It is more relaxing, long-lasting, and reliable than most of its opponents.


  • Stainless steel
  • High carbon 7cr17mov Steel
  • Razored-sharp edges
  • 3 pounds in weight

  • This cleaver handle is long
  • Butcherknife of the highest quality
  • Premium quality construction and feel
  • Materials that can take a beating
  • The weight is heavier


3. Dexter-Russel Cleaver

One of the top pick meat Cleaver is Dexter-Russell, a highly-rated option. It’s a superb meat cleaver that can handle bone with ease. It features a hardwood handle and is constructed of stainless steel. 

Dexter-Russel Cleaver

It has an 8-inch long giant blade. The blade was created of high-carbon steel. The best meat cleaver for cutting bone includes a rosewood-polished wood handle that provides a pleasant feel. After usage, it features a hole in the upper right corner for convenient hanging. Overall, it’s a genuine winner, particularly when chopping bones.


  • Its handle is 6 inches long
  • The handle material is rosewood
  • And weight is 2.5 pounds

  • Heavy-duty knife
  • High-quality materials
  • Good length and size
  • Made in the USA
  • Reliable and durable
  • The grip is too big for little hands.

4. ZHEN Japanese VG-10 67-Layer Damascus Steel

The Zhen VG-10 cleaver stands out from the competition, as it is the only meat cleaver we’ve ever come across. The blades have a hardness level of 60 to 62 and are made of Damascus steel, with 67 layers (33 on each side).

ZHEN Japanese VG-10 67-Layer Damascus Steel

The blade’s design improves stain resistance and prevents food from sticking as readily. When compared to other cleavers, the Pakkawood handle expands at the end, providing an entirely distinct sensation. This best meat cleaver for cutting bone may use for slicing, chopping, and butchering.


  • The hardness of a knife is determined by its 60-62 value.
  • A Japanese high-quality stainless steel with 67 layers and hardness of HRC63.
  • 8-inches blade length
  • 4-inches blade width
  • The thickness of this is 0.75-inches
  • The handle is pakkawood shaped

  • The blade is composed of top-of-the-line Japanese stainless steel.
  • The knife’s Pakkawood handle is resistant to germs and water.
  • The blade is resistant to corrosion and stains.
  • Bones are difficult to cut through.
  • A Cleaver is more of a slicing and cutting knife.

5. Zwilling Pro Meat Cleaver

Zwilling Pro has been a leading brand producing knives for over 280 years. This best meat cleaver for cutting bone was created with the utmost safety and security in mind.

Zwilling Pro Meat Cleaver

High carbon steel is used to create the blades, making them extremely robust and corrosion-resistant. Its quality is high. It’s a heavy-duty meat cleaver that easily cuts through meat and bones. 

For optimal balance, the whole tang and handle are triple-riveted. In addition, it includes a hole in the corner that allows it to be easily hung.


  • The handle is triple-riveted for a good balance
  • Size is 6 inch

  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Well-balanced cleaver
  • Precision cutting, safety, and comfort are all possible with the curved bolster.
  • Its blade is small 

 6. German High Carbon Stainless knife

If you’re searching for a budget-friendly butcher’s meat cleaver, this is an excellent option. This industrial meat cleaver is capable of mincing, chopping, slicing, boning, and cutting meat, vegetables, and even fruits in ordinary kitchens. The pakkawood handle of this heavy-duty Japanese meat cleaver is composed of 100 percent stainless steel. They’re sturdy enough to endure wear and tear as well as falls. Because it’s a dishwasher-safe knife, it’s simple to maintain and clean.

German High Carbon Stainless knife

It has a high price tag, but it’s well worth the money. The markup meat cleaver is a high-carbon German import that keeps its edge for a more extended period of time.

The stainless steel meat cleaver’s most prominent feature is that it comes with a lifetime warranty, so you won’t have to worry about losing money.

It’s one of the best meat cleaver for cutting bone, and we hope you check the price of this cleaver.


  • Blade Material is Stainless Steel
  • Brand is Imarku
  • Color is Black
  • Handle Material is Pakkawood
  • Blade Edge Plain

  • Heavy meat cleaver
  • Superior built quality
  • Best kitchen cleaver
  • Razor-sharp edges
  • Most of the time, You have to sharpen.

Buying Guide

Now that you’ve read our meticulously written evaluations of 6 of the best meat cleaver for cutting bone, here are a few things to keep in mind while searching for one.


It involves inspecting the blade’s material, which is commonly stainless or carbon steel, as well as the meat cleaver’s handle. With innovative knives, hand comfort is really important since you will be using them for an extended period of time, and hand comfort will affect how effectively you can cut.

Wood, plastic, metal, or composites are some of the handle materials. The best meat cleaver for cutting bone must be comfortable enough for you to grab it securely. Because they are light and give some grip when cutting, wooden handles are better options.


The weight of the knife is the second most important consideration. The weight of your blades is quite important, and you should always check the weight before purchasing them. A cleaver should not be so hefty that holding it while chopping is difficult. Although some individuals like lighter cleavers, a bone-cutting knife should weight at least 12 to 13 ounces.


The best meat cleaver for cutting bone can easily cut through meat and bone, but if they’re too huge, unpleasant, inconvenient, or heavy to grasp in your hand. So you’re unlikely to utilize them, which defeats the point. In essence, it’s designed to make your life simpler.

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This guide will help you choose the best meat cleaver for cutting bone. Please have a look at the following question and answer section for some extra information that may be useful to you.

Is the Style of Handle Important for a Cleaver?

You’ll want to make sure you get a comfortable handle for this. You’ll need a solid and comfortable grip if you’re going to be slicing into bone. Wood is the most comfortable, but if you can locate it, Santoprene is one of the most acceptable options!

What’s the best way to store a meat cleaver?

Do not clean your meat cleaver with soap or hot water while storing it because the blade will corrode over time. Before storing knives, we recommend applying knife oil on the handles to ensure that the blades and handles are well oiled.

It protects the handles from drying out or absorbing moisture by shielding them from the sun.

What is the most effective method for sharpening a cleaver at home?

Blades are often composed of high carbon steel, which maintains a sharp edge for a longer period of time. If you want to get high performance, you need to sharpen your blade by using an electric knife sharpener. Because it’s an easy process.


These are the best meat cleaver for cutting bone because they make the job so much easier. In any kitchen, there are just a few knives that are essential. The cleaver knife is a comprehensive, broad tool with hardened steel blades and either robust wooden or plastic handles. That can withstand powerful downward strokes to chop bone and other difficult materials. It’s ideal for bone cutting, which is my primary goal. 

I hope you’ve also found the greatest ones for your requirements.


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